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Some FAQ about customers purchasing our UHMWPE ground protection mats

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Some customers always have concerns when buying our UHMWPE ground protection mats because they don't know much about the product. Below, Henan Okay summarizes some of the problems encountered by customers of uhwmpe ground protection mats.

Q: Are UHMWPE ground protection mats suitable for my use?
A: It depends on what kind of ground you use and how long you use it. UHMWPE ground protection mats is waterproof and corrosion-resistant, and can be reused. Wooden protective pads generally corrode in 1-2 years. In the long run, UHMWPE ground protection mats is your better choice.

Q: How much do I need to buy to my job site?
A: The quantity depends on the mat size you choose, job site ground conditions, the weight of your heavy equipment or heavy truck, and of course the area that needs to be covered.

Q: Does this have a service life?
A: There is no absolute data for this, but UHMWPE is waterproof and wear-resistant. If it is not abuse or misjudgment about what equipment should be used on the mat, it is generally fine to use it correctly for 10 years.

Q: Can this person move?
A: If it is ½"x4'x8' size, it's about 90 lbs. One person can use the specially designed hook to drag it, but it's better for two people.

These are the questions our customers ask us about UHMWPE ground protection mats.

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