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Advantages of HDPE Sheets And Scene Applications

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HDPE has a wide range of applications in daily life, and has gradually penetrated into various fields. Let's talk about the advantages of HDPE and the application of HDPE in various fields.

HDPE has high corrosion resistance and can be in direct contact with chemicals, making it an ideal material for chemical storage containers.

FDA certification
HDPF complies with FDA certification standards, can be in direct contact with food and is easy to clean, so many industries choose HDPE for food storage.

Wear-resistant and lightweight
The density of HDPE is in the range of 930 to 970 kg/m³, and compared to aluminum, HDPE has certain advantages in terms of weight.

Compared to other plastics, HDPE is UV resistant, and by adding UV stabilizers mixed with its resin to make it UV resistant, HDPE is ideal for outdoor applications.

Water proof
The zero water absorption of HDPE makes it the best choice for designing storage tanks and outdoor products.

Low friction and easy processing
HDPE can be easily welded at high temperature, and the flat HDPE has less friction, and is often used in automobiles, large water irrigation and silo linings.

The above are some of the main characteristics of HDPE, the following are some areas of HDPE application:


Because HDPE complies with FDA certification and can be in direct contact with food, it is often used to make a durable and easy-to-clean cutting board without damage to the blade.

Medical and Pharmaceutical
HDPE will be used in the medical field, because of its corrosion resistance and zero water absorption, the work surface and chemical storage of the hospital laboratory are easily made of HDPE materials.

The characteristics of wear resistance and easy welding make HDPE an excellent choice for lining of silos, trucks, large water tanks, etc.

HDPE is also often used in the shipping industry today, as fenders on docks, components on ships, as well as benches and seats on yachts, etc., because HDPE has anti-ultraviolet properties.

HDPE also has disadvantages, too high and mild shock compression is not suitable, UHMWPE can be used. In addition, HDPE can only withstand continuous high temperature of more than 80 degrees.

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