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What are the advantages of PE cutting board?

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There are three types of cutting boards commonly found in the market: cutting boards, wooden cutting boards and PE cutting boards.
The best knife feeling is the wooden cutting board, which is the easiest to use when cutting vegetables, but at the same time it is also the worst in convenience.
First, wooden cutting boards are generally heavy and inconvenient to move and clean. Secondly, wooden cutting boards are easy to crack, and high-quality cutting boards It is best to carry out oil maintenance to maintain its good performance.
The best convenience is a variety of synthetic material cutting boards, including common PP cutting boards and PE cutting boards. The common point of these cutting boards is that they have high structural density, are easy to clean, and are not easy to penetrate into water. They can be cleaned and dried after daily use. Does not require much maintenance, very suitable for lazy people.

What are the benefits of PE cutting board?
Wooden cutting boards still occupy most of the market, but as time goes by, the corresponding shortcomings of wooden cutting boards are also exposed. There are many scratches after long-term use, which is easy to hide dirt and dirt, and the edges and corners are prone to mold.

Good wood cutting boards are expensive and require regular maintenance, disinfection, and high maintenance costs.

The advantage of PE cutting board is that it is light and easy to clean, and it lasts for a long time.

PE cutting board is non-absorbent and corrosion-resistant, and is suitable for supermarkets, bright kitchens in catering (PE cutting boards appear clean) and places in humid areas.

Therefore, in a comprehensive comparison, in daily life, PE cutting boards are more suitable than wooden cutting boards.
However, it is still a reminder: PE cutting board cannot place food with too high temperature, 130 degrees Celsius will cause deformation, it is recommended to cut vegetables, meat and cooked food on two PE cutting boards.