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What are the uses of HDPE sheets?

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HDPE sheets has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, self-lubrication, etc., and is now widely used in chemical industry, clothing, packaging, food, construction and other fields. It can be modified as filling material to make HDPE sheets flame retardant. , anti-static and other characteristics. Henan Okay Plastics has currently applied HDPE sheets to the following scenarios: 

1. Food: cutting boards, vegetable piers 

2. liner sheets: lining of the rear tank of the car 

3. Anti-collision strip : Anti-collision strips in hospital corridors 

4. Ground Protection Mats: Ground Protection Mats for temporary paving in engineering construction and swamps or for heavy duty equipment.

5. Outtrigger Pads: pads under the feet of cranes 

6. Rollers: rollers for conveyor belts 

7. Synthetic Ice Rink

8. Boat fenders: the boat fenders on the dock 

9. Children's entertainment equipment: children's entertainment facilities in the park .

The above is part of the real case of our customers about HDPE/UHMWPE, and there are many scenarios that can be used. Henan Okay Plastic Industry is a professional manufacturer of HDPE sheets and related products, and is responsible for every customer with a professional attitude and service. Back
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