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Why should you use HDPE sheets?

  2022-01.18  Read:share:

HDPE sheets has an almost waxy feel to it and is pretty good at being a low friction wear strip material and is used probably more than any other plastic as a wear strip on conveyors or production lines of huge companies. 
HDPE sheets when converted into strips and fixed to a conveyor as a guard rail where millions of items will pass on a never ending production line is where HDPE sheets excels. In this environment, its low friction and outstanding wear resistance really excels. One thing to note at this point is that it’s very difficult to bond effectively to anything, which means that HDPE sheets will need to be physically or mechanically fixed in place using screws etc.
HDPE sheets can be machined quite nicely on CNC or traditional machines using TCT cutting tools and will provide a nice smooth surface." Back