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Causes of UHMWPE conveyor idler damage

  2022-03.14  Read:share:

Polymer convenyor rollers have many advantages, but they will still be damaged during use. The following reasons are explained by Okay Plastics:

1. The sealing performance of the idler is poor, and the bearing is polluted by water or dust: in order to minimize the rotation resistance of the idler, the labyrinth sealing structure is basically used.

2. Pollution of idler rollers caused by thin mud pollutants

3. The position of the bearings at both ends of the idler is out of tolerance, and the bearings are forcibly rotated and damaged in the early stage

4. Serious wear and tear of the material to the roller tube body

5. Serious corrosion of the roller tube body

6. Rapid damage of the idler on the self-aligning bracket

7. The rollers of the forward tilt bracket are damaged faster

Okay plastic recommends that the polymer idler should not be overloaded in use.