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Ground Protection Mats

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HENAN OKAY Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is currently one of the largest domestic manufacturers of high-performance engineering plastic products. It has the current domestic advanced production lines, advanced equipment, nano-alloy plates and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene composite flame-retardant plates. , HDPE/UHMWPE temporary road mats and ultra-high molecular weight special engineering plastics and other products.

The road mat produced by Henan Okay has superior impact resistance and load-bearing capacity, and is widely used in construction, golf courses, and landscape protection lawns. Drilling and other fields are welcomed by heavy trucks.

Our product advantages:
1. Extremely high anti-abrasion
2. High impact resistance and wear resistance
3. Being excellent in resisting chemical corrosion(acid, alkali, salt)
4. Resisting high and low temperature
5. Not warp,rot crack or delaminate
6. Low coefficient of friction
7. 100% recyclable at its 'end of life’ delivering substantial environmental benefits over alternatives.
8. Lightweight for handled and laid by two men no need for expensive crane wagons
10. Chemically inert, avoiding leaching of possible pollutants
11. High quality,can be used hundreds of times

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