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uhmwpe skating rink

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HENAN OKAY Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.  Is located in Tengfei Avenue,Yigou Town, Tangyin County,Anyang,Henan Province,China.
our factory has engineering and technical personnel 20, and covers an area of 1500 square meters.
Our Sythetic skating rink floor is made of UHMWPE polymer resin material.
This material was originally a research result of aerospace materials science, and it was made through complex technology and perfect design.
It has a hard surface, and its excellent self-lubricating performance is 95% similar to traditional real ice. It is a revolutionary product.
We can customize various skating rink barriers, transparent and non-transparent, heightened and conventional.
Suitable for shopping malls and outdoors.

We can design the entire ice rink, our ice rink can be installed on any flat and solid surface.
The floor of the skating rink can be built in any color, or in multiple colors or patterns.
The new generation of floor connection methods make the gap between the entire ice surface smaller.
The special ice surface treatment makes the whole skating floor self-lubricating better and longer life.
We also provide supporting facilities for the skating rink: skate shoes, sharpeners, skates, curling game boards, etc.
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