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What kind of boards are generally used for ground protection mats? Non-slip and wear-resistant plast

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Heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, and trucks often pass or operate on soft ground such as soil and lawn. In order to protect the road surface, lawn and personnel safety, it is often necessary to lay temporary road ground protection mats. What kind of slabs are generally used for ground protection mats? Let me introduce to you a plastic paving board that is non-slip, wear-resistant, strong bearing capacity and recyclable.

UHMW ground protection mats combines the superior properties of all plastics. Its five characteristics of impact resistance, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, self-lubrication and low temperature resistance are the highest values in existing plastics. This new type of plastic The outstanding performance of the products is widely valued in countries all over the world.

Okay plastic industry's UHMW ground protection mats are sold in more than 140 countries around the world and have received good reviews from many customers.

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