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HDPE Board: A Common Product

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Before using HDPE sheet, installation is more important and cannot be ignored, which is also an important prerequisite for improving the wear resistance of HDPE board. Generally, the wear-resistant coal lining plate is fixed on the steel structure by the welding bolt method. The reason for this method is that the expansion coefficient of the wear-resistant coal lining plate is 2×10-4/°C, and the fixed form must take into account its free expansion or contraction when the operating or ambient temperature changes greatly.
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HDPE sheet has good effect and influence in the minds of many people. HDPE sheet is a common product, so in actual use, the compressive performance of HDPE board is not very good, so it is produced in HDPE sheet. Compression resistance, impact resistance, impact strength of HDPE sheet and its related molecules, the molecular weight is less than 2,000,000, with the increase of molecular weight.

The ultra-high performance of HDPE sheet, not to mention, everyone knows very well, this board can not only be used in the coal industry, but also has broad application prospects. Because the material has the characteristics of high wear resistance, low friction coefficient, impact resistance, low cost and good technical performance, the UHMWPE liner adopts the water cooling method. The device has a simple structure and a fast cooling rate, but it is very good to use demineralized water and recycle it.

The feasibility of HDPE sheet cooling is mainly in time, we will continue to improve product performance and strive to make it a wider range of applications, manual inspection of welds between lining plates. Check for missing solder, virtual solder, and jump solder joints, and repair the solder in time if found. Welds should be even and level, without undercut, overheated carbonization discoloration. The fastening bolts are firm, and the welding seam between the lining plates is tightly sealed.

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