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Advantages and disadvantages of HDPE sheet

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HDPE Sheets are a commonly used petroleum thermoplastic with the best strength/density ratio. Due to its molecular structure, this polymer performs best in applications that require moisture resistance and cost-effectiveness.

Before you choose HDPE Sheet, you may want to know the advantages and disadvantages of HDPE.

1. Affordable.
2. High quality.
3. Easy to process, perfect for home DIY projects
4. Non-leaching.
5. Anti-ultraviolet.
6. Resistant to most chemicals.
7. Hard material.
8. Amazing durability.
9. Meet FDA food grade standards

And HDPE sheet also has its corresponding disadvantages
1. High thermal expansion
2. Poor temperature capability
3. Poor weather resistance

HDPE sheet is not suitable for high temperature scenarios, such as containers for microwave heating.

Is HDPE safe?

HDPE products are safe and do not transmit any chemicals into food or beverages, making this plastic a low-health-risk variety. This plastic is most commonly used in milk or water bottles, laundry detergent and shampoo bottles.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE), like BPA, is a petroleum-derived material. The difference is that HDPE plastic is completely BPA free and therefore safe for applications that directly affect humans.

HDPE is recyclable.
Sometimes you can spot a mark on the container to see if it's HDPE. Just find the small number surrounded by three triangular "recycle" arrows. You'll also usually see "HDPE" below it.

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