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Location: Xinxiang Baoquan Mystery
Participants: company leadership, sales department and operation department
Mission building theme: Passion in May, go forward together!
Goal: Enhance team cohesion, increase team harmony and tacit understanding, build an excellent team, and complete breakthroughs in work
   Although the weather forecast was light rain that day, our activity No. 4 was not affected. When the family is still asleep, we have already started, and every colleague arrives at the designated place on time. As a treasure mom, I like it for the tacit cooperation of my colleagues!
   In the laughter and laughter, we went through the 3.5 hours with the driver with curiosity, excitement, and expectation, and finally came to the destination-----Baoquan
   After the collective photo is over, open a wonderful journey of mystery~
   In the afternoon, God didn’t give force, it rained, we played in the rain, there are you all the way, it’s so good~
1. Be clear at all times, whether it is a team or a team member.
2. In the work, communication and information sharing between departments need to be coordinated and coordinated, and the integration of forces can be completed to accomplish common tasks.
3. Knowledge and skills are not enough. We must have a strong will and team spirit.
4. The group building activity is to tap the forces that have been lurking on us but have never actually been used.