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UHMWPE fender can prolong the service life of wharf

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We all know that the ship fender system includes the fender body, steel plate with UHMWPE plate and other accessories. 
A PE plate is installed in front of the marine fender to reduce the force between the hull and the fender and extend the service life of the UHMWPE fender.
Generally speaking, the UHMWPE panel is set in front of the steel panel. Henan Okay plastic's ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) can reduce the friction coefficient between the ship and the fender, reduce the shear strength of the ship when it is berthed, and increase the service life of the fender.

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is the best choice material for facing steel plates. This is mainly because UHMWPE is very light, very tough, and has excellent wear resistance, so UHMW-PE pad has a low friction coefficient and provides a smooth sliding surface for the container to move along the rib surface. Back