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The processed HDPE is equal to the seafood box

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HDPE itself has many excellent properties, such as wear resistance and corrosion resistance, impact resistance and no water absorption, strong chemical stability, and resistance to deformation due to temperature changes. Therefore, derivatives of this material can be seen in many industries.

Guangzhou is located in the coastal area of China and has one of the largest seafood markets. A seafood seller from the Huangsha Aquatic Product Market recently asked us for help, saying that he needs a product that can withstand temperature changes, is resistant to corrosion and shocks. A water tank that can be soaked in the water for a long time without deformation, used to hold fresh seafood. We recommended a seafood box made of HDPE to him.
After the two parties reached an agreement, they produced a batch of white seafood boxes according to our usual specifications. The seafood boss is very satisfied after receiving the goods, which is exactly the product and performance he needs. This can be regarded as our opening up a new direction in the application of HDPE plates, because this is the first time that a similar seafood box has been produced, and it has been so highly praised. Customer satisfaction is our service tenet, and your needs are our pursuit. Back

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