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Colorful Outrigger pads made from leftover plastic - maximum recycling

  2019-07.15  Read: share:

We are a plastic sheets manufacturer that provides customized services. In the face of different specifications and requirements of different customers, it is inevitable that a lot of waste sheets materials will be produced. If they are thrown away, it is really wasteful, so it can be used at this time. 

Mix all the remaining sheets plastics together, reshape them using a molding process, and then cut them into the required shapes. A color Outrigger pad is almost finished. Although it is made from the remaining materials, it still has the characteristics of UHMWPE.
As soon as the picture was posted to Facebook, customers asked for this cantilever leg cushion, thinking that it is more distinctive than other solid-color leg cushions, and the color of the surface is very favorite. Not only can it be made into outrigger pads, but also boards for other purposes can be realized in this way. Back