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Arbitrary cutting UHMWPE sheets

  2019-07.15  Read: share:

UHMWPE sheets has excellent wear resistance and is the highest wear resistance among plastics. It has extremely low friction coefficient, good self-lubricity, good impact resistance, impact strength 10 times that of POM, and acid resistance. Alkali corrosion, resistance to organic solvents, and still maintain a certain degree of flexibility at low temperatures.
Last month, a machinery manufacturing company from Hubei, China contacted us. They are making pump equipment. They need a round part with irregular holes in the assembly of the equipment, which is required to have strong resistance. Abrasion, and good impact resistance, so we provided him with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) material.

Put the pre-prepared UHMWPE sheets into the engraving machine, set the specific size and position parameters, and start working when you need to open a hole. This time the parts need to open three holes of different specifications, and the difficulty is moderate, but we are committed to developing "must apply for customer needs, get customer confidence and customer satisfaction", and we will do our best for any customized service. Back