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Can you guess what it is used for?

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Our uhmwpe parts are processed with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene materials, because UHMWPE has the highest wear resistance of any polymer, has a very low friction coefficient, self-lubricating, and high cold resistance, even if it is below one thousand. It will not become brittle in a low-temperature environment, has high tensile strength, strong UV resistance, flame retardant and relatively low water absorption, easy operation and maintenance, high recycling rate, and simple reprocessing.
Because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in various fields, even in places that are completely unguessable. For example, the blue irregular-shaped plate just processed by the factory not long ago shown in the picture.
According to the unprofessional speculation of the people in the industry, Xiaoou customer service thinks that it is something similar to weighing objects, but this is just my guess. Maybe someone can explain it? Back

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