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Custom-made wear resistant spiral rollers for Vietnamese customers

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UHMWPE conveyor rollers can be used as replacements for ordinary metal rollers and are widely used in places with high dust and strong corrosiveness. In special environments, rollers can also be applied to belt conveyors in ordinary environments to improve the overall performance of the conveyor.

A customer from Vietnam contacted us and said that we need to customize a spiral roller. The sales manager talked to the customer for a long time before accurately drawing out the required length and width of the spiral pattern. Because it is to be installed in the key position of the conveying equipment, the surface texture of the spiral roller is not the same as that of the ordinary roller. This does not make us retreat, but is a very challenging project.
The finished product produced is indeed different from the ordinary rollers produced in the past, but this can be regarded as an added record in our customized service history. The customer is very satisfied and said that if they have the opportunity to come to China, they must come to visit our factory. Back

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