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Wear resistant self-lubricating UHMWPE liner

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The UHMWPE Liner improves the efficiency of conveying very free-flowing or fluidized bulk materials on steep slopes by reducing the gap between the screw and the shell. The lining also provides a low friction surface to reduce adhesion when conveying viscous bulk materials.
In order to solve the problem that coal is easily stuck on the bunker wall and affects the transportation rate when transporting coal, a coal mine in India contacted us for help. We provided him with this wear-resistant self-lubricating ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene lining, and online video guidance After installation, the customer is very satisfied with the product and online service, and said that he would definitely repurchase it again.
Nothing can prove technical details, manufacturing skills, and problem-solving skills better than real-world examples. The above case study illustrates how Henan Okay Plastics Industry can help customers overcome the most severe challenges and manufacture high-performance, long-lasting customized plastic parts and assemblies for customers. For more information, please call us. Back

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