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Ground protection mats don't just protect the ground

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Our floor protection boards are usually made of high-molecular-weight polyethylene materials, but a small part of them are processed from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. Both are essentially made of polyethylene, but UHMWPE has better performance than HDPE. Stronger, for the ground protection boards, HDPE can already fully meet the basic protection requirements for the ground.
Not long ago, a domestic customer consulted our sales manager with the mentality of giving it a try, and asked whether we can use this material to customize a non-slip pedal installed on the car, because we are not sure if we only do it on the ground. Protect the boards, so I didn't hold much hope, but after in-depth discussion with the customer, the drawing was finally finalized.
This customer is very interesting. It turns out that he is a wholesale manufacturer of sightseeing cars. He wants to protect the safety of tourists when getting on and off the car, especially in rain and snow, the sightseeing car pedals are extra lubricated, which causes a great safety hazard, but now with our custom-produced anti-skid pedals, this problem is It can be solved perfectly. Back

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