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5% Borated polyethylene sheet

Material: Borate polyethylene
Size: 1220x2440mm,customized
Thickness: 15mm,25mm,40mm,50mm
Color: Black
Application: hospital,medical and industrial application
MOQ: 1 piece

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  • Introduction
  • Application


Borated polyethylene sheet is a Neutron shielding material,widely used in medical and industrial applications.

Made from high density polyethylene with boron content by weight,and process through high speed mixer mixing materilal and mold pressing.size and shape can be customized.

Borated Polyethylene Provides:
Neutron sheilding
Significant reduction of gamma-capture dose.
Avalible in several size and thickness.

It has lower cost than lead,lighter weight than lead,Replaces lead in nuclear shielding applications,Standard is 5% boron by weight – HDPE base material advantage.widely used to high intensity X-rays, cancer treatment facilities, nuclear submarines, and nuclear power plants.


 Borate polyethylene widely used in high intensity X-rays, cancer treatment facilities, hospitals, nuclear submarines and nuclear power plants.

Using this material as your shielding will be easier to install, use than the traditional lead products. And Borated HDPE is also lower in cost than most lead materials.

borate polyethylene sheet