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wear resistance uhmwpe plastic parts

Material: UHMWPE
Density: 0.94-0.98
Friction Coefficient: 0.11-0.17
Heat distortion temperature: +85℃--zero 260℃
Impact Strength>140

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  • Introduction
  • Application


UHMWPE material can resistant corrosive chemicals effectively rather oxidizing acids. It is low water absorption, low temperature resistant, and in quite low friction. UHMWPE parts is self-lubricating. UHMWPE Parts are anti-wear and sometimes it is 15 times than carbon steel and UHMWPE is also better than PTEE in abrasion resistance. Its friction coefficient is quite lower than that of nylon.

(1) abrasion highest plastic, seven times higher than carbon steel, four times higher than PTFE
(2) Impact strength plastic in the first column, 2 times higher than that of polycarbonate, 5 times higher than ABS. 
(3) Corrosion resistance: at a certain temperature and humidity within the ability of various corrosive media, and the role of the organic solvent medium, high chemical stability. 
(4) non-stick and self-lubrication surface compared with other materials
(5) impact resistance, impact energy absorbion is >140KJ/M2
(6) low temperature resistance, the working temperature is from 269℃ to 85℃。


Gear wheels, runners, rope guide rollers, valves, slides (for strongly corrosive media), guide bars, non-abrasive strips, wipers, rollers and cam grooves for conveyor belts. Components for pumps, gaskets, punch plates in the leather and plastic industries. Suction bands and boxes for the paper industries. Reflecting plates for sand blasting plants grinding and polishing wheels after incorporating suitable fillers, safety and spark-proof tool as well handles for a great variety of implements

uhmwpe parts