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  • Round Board

Round Board

Very flat on the surface
The thickness tolerance is +2 -0
Different shaped  cutting board

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  • Introduction
  • Application


Conquer all the drawback of the normal plastic chopping boards, such as distortion,crazing,being easy to cause bacteria and not easy to washing. PE cutting board much more harder in toughness than traditional ones and resistant to cutting stains, crazing,distortion, chipping or rotting.These advantages of PE chopping boards let them have longer service life. Pe chopping board is with high quality and low price.

Performance of products
1.FDA Certificate , No toxic ,and no odor .
2.Strong toughness
3.Durable and lightweight , no water absorption , easy to clean .
4.High impact resistance , No deformation , smooth and uniform thickness .

Tips :
Red chopping board is for meat processing.
Yellow chopping board is for poultry processing.
Blue chopping board is for seafood processing.
Green chopping board is for fruit and vegetable processing.
Coffee chopping board is for cooked food processing.
White chopping board is for dairy foods processing.


1.Home kitchens                        2.Hotels
3.Supermarkets                          4.Meat processing      
5.Slaughtering plants                 6.Food plants
7.Fish processing plants             8.Vegetable processing plant