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HDPE Liner

Material: hdpe
Density: 0.94-0.98
Thickness: 5-200mm
Certification: SGS,CE
Friction Coeffcient: 0.11-0.17
Impact Strength>140

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  • Introduction
  • Application


HDPE liners are the ideal choice for the most demanding applications. Our specially mould pressing liners combine high tensile strength and chemical resistance with excellent stress-crack resistance and low temperature properties for highly reliable containment. Chemically inert, these liners are the industry standard for a wide range of applications.

Unique Benifits

◊ Non-Stick
◊ Self-lubricating
◊ Promotes flow
◊ Low coefficient of friction
◊ Excellent abrasion resistance
◊ Low and high temperature performance
◊ Corrosion resistant
◊ Good impact resistance
◊ Noise deadening
◊ Reduces maintenance


                                   ♥ Dump Trailer/truck  Liners                        ♥ Off-road dump truck liners
                          ♥ Side dump trailer liners                            ♥ Forage Wagon liners
                          ♥ Forage Box liners                                     ♥ Manure Spreader liners
                          ♥ Snow Plows plastic protection covers       ♥ Overhead bin liners
                          ♥ Gravity Box liners                                     ♥ Sand Spreader liners
                          ♥ Lime Tender liners                                   ♥ Hopper Liners
                          ♥ Sand Hopper liners                                  ♥ Roll-off Truck liners
hdpe dump truck liner sheet