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Yanshan Petrochemical first trial production successfully won UHMW plastic products


New Plastic Network January 10 News: Recently, Yanshan Petrochemical in the original trial production of low-voltage devices for the first time awarded UHMW plastic products successfully, to achieve stable production volume long period of industrialization, large devices to fill the domestic blank continuous production. Because the product is currently only available in Celsius below zero to maintain the performance of engineering plastics, so the product price to be higher than normal polyethylene refrain.
Reporters learned that, Yanshan Petrochemical production is the molecular weight of 1,500,000 -350 Wan UHMWPE 9100CG, 9200CG, 9300CG series products, after testing, the indicators have reached the quality requirements, and downstream users during the trial production after the product performance and quality is satisfactory, expressed its willingness to establish long-term cooperative relationship. According to Liu Chang Yanshan Petrochemical Chemical technical personnel, the series has a good abrasion resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance and resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance, chemical stability, electrical insulation and excellent self-lubricating characteristics, in addition, also has excellent resistance to rapid crack ability, electrical insulation resistance, fatigue resistance, high temperature creep resistance, γ-ray resistance. UHMW-PE series of products based on the excellent performance, which can be used in the work environment is more harsh and demanding, long-cycle conditions used in areas such as power mining industry, chemical industry, machinery industry and other fields, the main products there are plate type, pipe, bar categories, which finished including gears, bearings, bushings, rollers, rails, sliders, valves, filters, artificial hip joints as well as other products, such as, the market prospect is broad.