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what is UHMW sheet


 Henan Okay Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of UHMW Sheets, UHMW polyethylene sheets, coal bunker linings, UHMW fender, UHMW polyethylene linings, UHMW wear parts, PE sheets, etc. The manufacturers of chemical products, because our product quality and after-sales service are very perfect, so many friends will consult us about some related knowledge. Recently, some friends asked us why we say that the material of UHMW polyethylene sheet material is good. Today we are here to give you a unified explanation, I hope to help you.
UHMW polyethylene sheet has high impact resistance. The high-quality UHMW polyethylene sheet has a smooth surface, low friction coefficient and excellent wear resistance. It is of great advantage for cushioning materials such as buffer bed buffer panels. In addition, it can effectively ensure the contact between the surface of the conveyor belt and the surface, and the force is uniform, effectively preventing the longitudinal tear of the belt due to the breakage and falling off of the roller, and greatly reducing the penetration of the belt by the sharp or sharp material. The probability of longitudinal tearing. Moreover, the UHMW polyethylene sheet can effectively reduce the vibration of the blanking point, effectively protect the conveyor belt and save resources. And the use of UHMW polyethylene sheet as a buffer board greatly reduces the daily repair and maintenance costs of the buffer bed. There is also a smooth surface of the UHMW polyethylene sheet which minimizes friction during operation of the conveyor belt.