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A Vibrant Company


            Every morning I come to work and leave here after work, without noticing the words: Tangyin Huaxing Plastic Industry Co., Ltd . This morning I stood
there staring at them, which sparkled due to the reflection of sunshine. The words looked so beautiful. Then an idea occurred to my mind, “Why I chose here?”
The answer is it’s a vibrant company.

The company has a professional design, production and construction team. It can meet different requirements of different customers about the products.
About the quality? Absolutely no worries! We have all the indispensable certificates, such as CE, CTI, SGS, ISO9001. The company always adhere to the business
philosophy of "unity, efficient, struggle and innovation". It is market-oriented and service-oriented. What we pursuit first is not profit, but what customers need.
We firmly believe that only sticking to a mutual benefit pattern can we go further. That’s why our products can be exported to eastern Europe, Oceania, North America,
southeast Asia, Africa and other regions within such a short time. By the way, our company has become a listed company with enterprise code of 207486 in the Shanghai
Equity Exchange. And we have also participated in Canton Fair more than one time, of course including this year’s. I’m sure it will bring new life to the company.