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Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Rod


 Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Rod

Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene rod integrates all the advantages of plastic, with a wear resistance 8 times of ordinary carbon steel, impact strength 4 to 5 times of the ABS, superior self-lubricating property as good as PTEF, but 1/8 cost, strong corrosion resistance, health non-toxic, low temperature resistance to -269 , good ductility even in liquid nitrogen. Good dimensional stability, low water absorption, high mechanical hardness, all kinds of sizes can be customized.

Ultra-high molecular Weight Polyethylene rod is the perfect substitution of stainless steel sheet, with low cost but better specification longer service life.

Diameter:20--500mm    Length: no limit     Density: 0.93--0.98g/cm3     Compressive strength: ≥42MPa      Water absorption: <0.01%

Impact strength : ≥140KJ/m2      Shore D harness:  65--70        Fiction coefficient:  0.11-0.17       Molecular weight: 3--9 million

Temperature resistance:  -269 to +85℃       Heat distortion temperature: 85          Breaking strength: 45Mpa        Tensile strength (23°C in air): ≥19Mpa

     Color: blue, white, black, red, green, coffee, yellow etc.

Application: Ultra-high molecular Weight Polyethylene rod is widely used in chemical engineering, mechanical processing, thermal power generation, metallurgy, paper making industry, food industry, military industry, nuclear power station, orthopedic surgical instruments and support in medical equipment, waste-water treatment, textile machinery and automobile manufacturing machine parts.