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Where and why we use UHMW plastic sheets instead of metal materials?


    Our company produces high-quality UHMW plastic sheets. UHMW plastic sheets has been gradually applied in various fields due to its excellent performance. Many users have asked us about why the UHMW plastic sheets cannot be used in thermoplastic molding. Today, for everyone to explain in detail:

    UHMWPE is a very high viscosity polymer in the form of a powder having a typical particle size ranging from 100 to 200 microns. UHMW plastic sheets are generally not processed by ordinary thermoplastic molding methods because of their high viscosity. Instead, they are melted and sintered into billets under high pressure by a molding or plunger extrusion process. Material or profile, if necessary, subsequent machining.
    UHMW plastic sheets can also be modified additives. The wear resistance and corrosion resistance of UHMW plastic sheets make them unique in chemical machinery. The use of UHMW polyethylene products instead of metal materials for acid-resistant pumps, transmission machinery, water pumps, bushings, gaskets, gears, etc., not only greatly prolongs the service life, but also greatly reduces the cost.

    I believe that everyone has already understood the molding method of UHMW plastic sheets. Only by paying attention to its molding method can we produce high-quality products and provide high-quality products for the majority of users, thus promoting the good development of the market. If you have any questions during the specific operation process, please feel free to contact us. More information about UHMW plastic sheets will continue to be sorted out for you. Welcome to check it in time.