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For Tangyin Huaxiang, Problem is just another chance


 Problem, is another chance

Tangyin Huaxiang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of plastic products with own factory and company, whose main products are UHMWPE sheet/board, UHMWPE liner sheet, UHMWPE fender, UHMWPE synthetic ice rink board, UHMWPE outrigger pad, HDPE ground mat, UHMWPE/HDPE belt conveyor roller/idler, PE chopping board, UHMWPE irregular parts and so on.

As a new member of Huaxiang family, I keep improving oneself to fit in it. At first, I need to learn new platform and how to operate new commerce software, which makes me feel under pressure. Even though, I make my mind to try my best to do. Thanks to the help of my dear colleagues and manager, I learn how to deal with inquiries and emails. Till now, I get good result. Our target is sending high quality goods and best service.

Recently, one of my VIP client from Dubai told me that he was unsatisfied with the second order product. Hearing this, I felt quite upset and had no idea how to deal with it. After discussing with our team, we asked pictures from client and then confirmed these problems with our processing manager. The problems lie in cutting and packaging processing this time. We helped to solve them as soon as we can and told our client that we will return the cost which they paid during solving the problems. What’s more, we will learn this lesson and notice every detail later.

I am quite grateful to my client, who realized these problems in time and we solved it together. From now on, I will notice every details during processing period and send my client high performance goods and best service indeed.

So, I say, problem is not just challenge but another chance, which may help us become greater and greater.