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Having a peace mind


 What’s a newbie ?  I guess now I’m just a newbie .  And what’s the most important thing for a newbie?

I think when we decide to do one thing , a good preparation and a good mentality is the essential thing , while then , a peace mind is what we must have.

Still feel so impressive for the first call from my client , and she is an ethnic Chinese in Malaysia , and Chinese is very good , and a series of communication .

Then I continue to have chances to contact with clients, sending samples , doing the price quotation and other things related to my job.

All these things definitely gave me so much strength to go forward .

Though during the start ,I also feel confused and hurry .But when I really contact the products and client , nearly each question from the client ,I need to ask other colleagues ,and the process is very slow ….

So I start to notice that I should treat all the things with a peace mind .Cause for everything , it can’t be rushed .What you should do is do what you are doing to the best ,and prepare enough , like the old saying , the possibility will always favor those who are in prepared.

So just having a peace mind in any time .