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New perspective from new staff of our company


 When I came to Tangyin Huaxiang plastic industry Co., Ltd at the first time, entering into the gate, I was astonished by what jumped into my sight. The front of the yard grows over with weeds. What’s more, in the middle of the weeds, there exists a wallow which was filled with unidentified liquid. I felt a little disappointed at the environment. But nowadays, because of the green project, the appearance of the factory is changing. The previous weed have gone with the wind, instead, they are replaced by the regulated greenbelts and different kinds of trees. The wallow disappears and a little hill rises up. Now, please let me show you around the new environment of the factory with the following pictures:
The northern wall of the gate is surrounded by a line of trees. Do you associate with the military parade this month?

Next is the main part, you can see the hill. Although it is very short, but very clean.

The green project is processing. I believe the environment will become more and more beautiful.
In the end, hope our company and everybody gain a successful career in the autumn festival which is the harvest time.