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Warmly Congratulate us Company to be a Listed


  After the green project of the factory yard, on the day of 23th September, our company became successfully a listed company with enterprise code of 207486 in the Shanghai Equity Exchange(SEE). Manager Lu and the Boss Shan had attended the grand event and delivered a speech. All the evidences have indicated that the company grows more and more prosperous with the leadership of the Manager Lu and the Boss Shan.
  Tangyin Huaxiang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is established in 2013. During the short two years, the company have adhered the idea of “unity, efficient, struggle and innovation” and become more and more mature. In the future, after being a listed company, the company will enjoy a great opportunity in systematic development and innovation. What’s more, the reputation of the company spread widely.
  As a staff in the company , I definitely believe that Tangyin Huaxiang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. will become better and better.