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The new trend of huaxiang uhmwpe sheet


 UHMWPE is abbreviated as UHMWPE and also refer to PE 500-1000.

PE 500-1000 characteristics:
1.Excellent sliding property
High wear resistance .
3.High impact strength
4.Very good chemical and corrosion resistance

6.Good noise absorption

7.High Energy abosorption capacity and high stress rates

8.Temperature resistance from -200 ℃ to +80 ℃.
   Application :Chutes ,silos ,bin where the surface to be lined needs excellent flows ability and abrasion wear resistance .

   In the coming new year of 2016.we have been experienced on it.Just send us your size, best price and drawing will be send to you .

   You can find lining page in products page, also below some samples fixing for your reference .Huaxiang 1000 is lining makes dump bed and buckets lined in double excavation volume of clay ,mud and humidity .materials inside flows fast bearing have longer life .

   Asphalt ,sand ,mud ,snow,soil,gravel,and even broken concrete can be transported easily .Also cleaning is very easy .Based on flow-up performance report ,bed inclination is reduced up to 30%,the fact that shacking and scraping the bed becomes unnecessary extends life of truck .

   Huaxiang UHMWPE with special addictive that have even more superior technical properties should be preferred with more difficult environmental condition and material types .