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The advantages of PE chopping board


    As we all known, the chopping board or cutting board are indispensable tools in our daily life. The chopping board or cutting block play an important role in the kitchen of household, hotel, supermarket, and meat processing and so on. Nowadays, the common material of chopping board is wood, bamboo, toughened glass and PE.

    Most families are using the wooden chopping board or bamboo chopping board for the being time. But, here comes the questions. Many people complain that the chopping board easily emerges matters such as cracks, wormholes, and bacteria growing. In the end, the chopping board becomes black and couldn’t be cleaned effortless. So many housewives and hotel chefs look for a solution to avoid the above problems.

    How to avoid the problems? The answer is PE chopping board.
    Tangyin Huaxiang PE Plastic Cutting Boards overcome all the disadvantages of the traditional plastic and wooden cutting boards, such as crazing, distortion, being liable to generate bacteria and inconvenience for washing. Plastic Cutting Board are much stronger in toughness than traditional ones and resistant to cutting stains, crazing, distortion, chipping or rotting. The advantages of PE cutting boards let them have longer service life. Our PE cutting board is with high quality and low price. We have FDA certificate for PE cutting boards.

Performance of Tangyin Huaxiang PE chopping board :
1.FDA Certificate, No toxic and no odor. 
2.Strong toughness, anti-corrosion. 
3.Durable and lightweight, no water absorption, easy to clean. 
4.High impact resistance, no deformation, smooth and uniform thickness.
5. The surface could be gridding or glossy.

    “ The PE chopping board is very nice and comfortable for me to use. I am very happy to have one!! ” A staff who gained a chopping board in the annual year-end lottery said.
We believe the PE chopping board will become more and more popular in the future.