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Today, the Chung Yeung Festival


September 9, moon and sun, two nine , all together, therefore called Double Ninth Festival, also called Chung Yeung Festival . The ancients believed it to be a worth celebrating auspicious day .

And also because of the homophone in the Double-ninth and Hanzi “Jiu Jiu” , and nine is also the biggest number in numbers , so there is an implication of longevity. In this day , people who are away from home will ascend to express the acacia for home and families.

In 1989, we made the September nine of each year as the Festival for the Elderly , skillfully combines the tradition and modernity together.

Miss as a tiny boat drifting in the river of time, across from year to year, and day by day, recording bit by bit, Si-Si continuously, and in this day, Chung Yeung Festival ,the miss just on the verge of breaking out.So happy Chung Yeung Festival!