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Huaxiang Joined in Anyang Chamber of Commerce


  Huaxiang joined in Anyang chamber of commerce, which will be the most significant event of Anyang’s Foreign Trade.  Anyang chamber of commerce including many entrepreneurs, and they have the same feelings or industrial property. Today ,Chamber of Commerce is a Resources Integration big platform to a great extent. The members of Chamber of Commerce are usually the industry elite enterprise, the represents of small and medium enterprise with strong economic base. The homesickness link of Chamber of Commerce promote the feelings chain, to increase member unite and exchange. Even small, Chamber of Commerce is a organization, even big, a enterprise is individual. The advantages of organization and individual  are obvious. In addition, if enterprises want to be competitive and own sovereignty, they need hold mission and learn by organization power in the interconnected times.
  Anyang chamber of commerce has successfully hold the first competition in Nov.3,2015. All members take an active part in it. And they all share their working experience and the bosses discuss with each other about the development target and strategies. Though this is a begining, every enterprise learned new things from others in the meeting. We believe, with the development of Anyang chamber of commerce ,the members will become more and more stronger, even the whole city.
  As one of members of Anyang chamber of commerce, Tangyin Huaxiang Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd not only do many things to show support but also make outstanding contributions to it in every aspect. At the same time, with its help, Huaxiang will become much more better in a not too-distant future.