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A meeting, a direction, an opportunity


         This Monday morning we had a meeting, which pointed out the main problems on marketing at present and how
to solve them targetedly. How to be found by global purchasers? What’s network promotion optimization? And how to do it better?

        As Manager Lu put it, what we publish on the Internet both about our company and products must be accurate, interesting,
attractive and original. Moreover, we should be sure that our information can be updated everyday. Whenever a purchaser click on
our products, he can surely see something new. In my opinion, “found” here means not just be “seen”, but also be attracted. It means
someone sees a product, and he is attracted by the information. Finally he decides to buy the product. If not ,it is meaningless. To make sure
the products’ information is accurate and attractive, Manager Lu required that the data about our products be collected and edited again. All that
about the company and products must be confirmed.

It is a short meeting, but has a profound strategic significance.The meeting means to our company is what Zunyi conference means to
the Anti-Japanese War. It pointed out a new direction to us. Surely it will get more challenges and opportunities to the company.