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UHMW sheet has strong pressure bearing capacity


    The performance of UHMW sheets is well understood by everyone. Among them, the user's favorite is its high pressure capacity, which can be fully demonstrated in a large project. However, this ultra-high performance of UHMW polyethylene sheets requires our correct operation to cooperate, and only in this way can we fully exert its performance.
    UHMW liner sheets need to pay attention to the material problem when applying. After installing the sheet, it is necessary to avoid direct impact of the material. Due to the different hardness particles of various materials, the flow rate of the material box should not be changed at will. If it needs to be changed, it should not be greater than 12% of the original design capacity, mainly because changing the flow rate of the material box will affect the service life of the board. Secondly, in the application process, it is also necessary to pay attention to the temperature problem. The use temperature of the UHMW liner sheets is generally maintained between 26 and 80 ℃ and cannot exceed this temperature.
    In fact, the use of each product requires attention to certain matters. Only in this way can we better play its due role. More related matters about UHMW liner sheets will continue to be arranged for you. Please look forward to.